1. I’m not surprised that they’re adopting the language of the anti-slavery movement. It’s what they try to do, to co-opt the language of civil rights, anti-slavery, to assume that they can take the moral high ground while they’re trying to subsume the rights of women—particularly Black women.
    Loretta Ross, on anti-abortion extremists who call themselves ‘abortion abolitionists’

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  2. My Story: Why We Need to End Abortion Stigma


    In January, at seven weeks two days, I had an abortion. Since then, I have not been able to tell a single person about my experience, pain, relief, or feelings.

    This Is hard for me, because I am a person who is usually open and honest with my friends and family, and often ask for their advice or support. However, I just can’t bring myself to say “I had an abortion”. I’m so scared. I’m scared what they will think of me. Scared they will judge me. When I see people on social media talking about how people who get abortions are careless, wanted the easy way out, so on, I just want to tell them my experience. That abortion is NOT an easy choice, and all the lessons it has taught me. I do not think I should be ashamed, 1 in 3 women obtain this legal, safe, medical procedure. But I just can’t bring myself to tell them.

    On Monday, I went to the OB GYN. It was the first time I’ve been there since my abortion, and I decided I should tell him, and wanted to ask some questions about fertility and stuff like that. He was a middle aged man, worked at a Catholic Hospital, and also knew my dad. When he asked me if I wanted to ask/ tell him anything, I quietly told “I had an abortion at seven weeks in January”. He nodded, asked if everything had healed OK, but did not say much else

    Later, in the exam room, he came in. He put his hand on my shoulder and said these kind words, ones that I do not think I’ll be able to let go of, and have me in tears right now.

    "Thank you so much for telling me. I know that must of been really traumatic for you. I’m so thankful you were honest with me and I know it was hard. I’m not here to judge you, just to make sure I can help in any way I can" . He told me when I am ready to have children, I should have no problems, and to not listen to the pro-life antics and "medical facts".

    His kindness gives me courage to be more honest about my experience. However, it makes me sad that the only person I can be 100% honest with is a stranger. People do not realize how their unkind (and often untrue) antics about abortion effect a person, and how it prevents them from being able to give an honest voice about the topic.

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  3. If you are considering an abortion…


    My inbox is open!  

    I had an abortion last year and I’m a mother to a 2.5 year old.  If you have any questions or just need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open.  I’m upfront about my experiences and I’m more than happy to give you ideas as to what pregnancy, labor, and abortion are truly like.

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  4. Stop.


    Quit it with the philosophical arguments against abortion.

    Quit it with the “but if you think of it this way…” queries.

    Quit it with the not-so-clever quips against pro-choicers.

    You aren’t innovative, creative, or clever, and no debate about religion, adoption, altruism, claims that “you consented to pregnancy because you had sex,” “rape is a gift from God,” or “the body has ways of shutting that down” is going to convince me that, if I were to become pregnant before I was ready to bear children, I should have to revolve my life for more than a single day around a pregnancy that I don’t want to have.

    I only have one life to live and I will not spend it discomforted, panicked, restricted, shameful or for someone else because of other people’s notion of what I should have to do with my life.

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  5. lastchancepack:

    I am pro choice It doesn’t mean I condone murder but I rather be aborted than live in a world where my mother can’t raise me right or is not ready.
    (Haters say: then dont have sex)
    True true that’s a good point and responsible but hey condoms ( and birth-control “the pill”) only work 86% of the time and people who are safe with a condom may get a girl pregnant anyway
    Don’t say well god wanted this baby to live
    No just no

    Pro choice

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  6. cake-and-grief-counseling:

    there’s a difference between exercising your freedom of speech and assembly, and verbally and physically harassing people attempting to access legal healthcare services

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  7. your-lies-ruin-lives:

*Note that not only women can get pregnant. **Used with permission of the creator. 


    *Note that not only women can get pregnant. 
    **Used with permission of the creator. 

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  8. Anonymous asked: i'm about to flip a shit. someone asked living-in-the-shadow-of-christ (a pro life blogger) if he'd physically hold someone back to prevent them from getting an abortion and he said yes. i am gagging


    Well, he probably wouldn’t actually do that.  In his mind, that’d be ideal, though, and that’s what’s sickening.  At that point, it’s like a hostage situation.

    What would he do afterward?  Hold on until the pregnant person gave birth?  How would he keep the pregnant person from aborting later or from doing things with intention to miscarry?  This isn’t 1984 and he’s not Big Brother.

    His “ideal” is not feasible and it would only result in him getting arrested.  So, by all means, he can try, but I would not blame any pregnant person for defending themselves, even if the living-in-the-shadow-of-Christ gets a black eye.

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  9. la-polvorilla:

NO MORE ROSARIES IN OUR OVARIESThe right to decide over our bodies is not about faith, is about democracy



    The right to decide over our bodies is not about faith, is about democracy

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  10. If laws don’t change, tens of millions of women will continue to risk their lives and health each year. In contrast, where laws are reformed, as in Ethiopia and Nepal more than a decade ago, an enabling environment is created, and women’s health improves.

    Ipas President and CEO Elizabeth Maguire during the 47th session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development

    Read more about CPD47 here.

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  11. photo



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  12. babydontabort:


    "There are some who see the images and react with anger and disapproval. Could this be a sign of ineffectiveness? It all depends on why people are angry. If they are angry because pro-lifers are mean, then that is grounds for pro-lifers to change their behaviour. But if they are angry because they don’t like a particular truth message, then that is grounds for pro-lifers to persist. After all, the history of successful social reform movements reveals societies getting angry at people but persistent activists who communicated what was right, albeit unpopular…It is human nature to avoid the uncomfortable, the painful. Therefore, if a group raises something most people wish to avoid, people will reject it at first. In fact, typically when human rights violations occur, the only thing hated more than the injustice is the people who remind society of that injustice. But if the message is true, then when exposed, many will eventually embrace it because the truth has a way of convincing people.” - Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform

    Right: Emotional manipulation where sympathy arises for a cognizant child suffering pain and hunger due to poverty.

    Left: Emotional manipulation arising from an evolved biological aversion towards flesh and blood. Similar effects can be achieved by presenting a removed liver with blood stains around it. CTA

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  13. Dear prolifers,


    I get it, you don’t like abortion. That’s fine. Don’t get one. But don’t you dare, for one second, think that just because YOU don’t like it, means you can force me into carrying a pregnancy I don’t want to term. Just because you have some sort of complex that you’re better than me because you don’t like abortion, doesn’t mean you get to control my body or my decisions. I am not your daughter, your wife, your mother or your sister. You have no relation to me so my abortion does not effect you. So kindly shove your lies and bullshit up your pretentious asshole(: Thank you.

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  14. provoice:

Via: 4000 Years for Choice

Kudos to the term “pregnant person” being gender inclusive :)


    Via: 4000 Years for Choice

    Kudos to the term “pregnant person” being gender inclusive :)

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