1. "Making a difference…"

    I’m a person picky with words. I always look back at phrases and wonder how they came to be, and why it had to be that way.

    Toady this hit me: “It really does make a difference.”

    I looked at it, thinking, “difference is ‘negative’ kind of word, meaning a subtraction”, so why isn’t the phrase “make an addition" instead?

    I understand that it really means (well, it usually implies) that the difference is a positive one, that we’re now at a higher level, closer to the goal than before, hence the “difference”, the positive gap.

    And then those words hit me again. Words. Sometimes I’m too picky with my words, and perhaps sometimes however you phrase something does not matter, as long as the event is happening.

    Making a difference, making an addition, helping someone else out…

    Something we should all do, regardless of how it is said.

    —- Just a brain dump —-



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